February News 2017

February 1, 2017

 Welcome to ICI's News Page!


Here you will find information about our Class Schedules, CNA Job Opportunities, and Updates in the Health Care Industry.





ICI's CNA School near Chicago, Illinois has their New schedule out For the Next Enrollment  of 2017.  Check out these dates below:


Certified Nursing Assistant CNA Class Schedule

6 Week Course

MWF | 7am - 330pm

Starts: 03-06-2017  Ends: 04-14-2017


10 Weekend Course

Sat | Sun | 7am - 4pm

Starts: 04-01-2017  Ends: 06-11-2017


CPR Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

1 Day Course

Wed | 430pm-730pm

Starts: 03-08-2017


1 Day Course

Sat | 2pm - 5pm

Starts: 04-01-2017



This month ICI is working with the Generations Health Care Network.  

Also known as SIR Management, they are hiring for dedicated and committed individuals looking to make a difference in the health care setting.  

Are you a CNA?  Are you looking to work for a an employer who cares?


SIR Management has been in the health care business for many years, and they are growing!  Their exceptional staff and upper level management provide the wisdom and experience needed to operate an institution that thrives to help their patients get better.  With competitive rates and multiple locations all over the Chicagoland area, contact ICI or Generations for opportunities near you!


Now Hiring For Exceptional Individuals with a CNA Background!





Another Institution that is currently hiring is the Glen Health Care Network.

With multiple locations in the suburbs and Chicagoland Area, the Glen Health Care Network provides many opportunities to individuals looking to start a career as a Nursing Assistant CNA.  Give ICI a Call Today to find out More about the Positions available at any of the Glen Homes. 847-929-6129




Respect is a private Home Care agency that provides private caregivers in Illinois.

Respect is hiring CNA's for their private clients throughout the Suburbs and Chicagoland Area.  Visit their Website For more information if you or someone you know is interested in private care or Give ICI a Call at 847-929-6129.

ICI's CNA school in Chicago, Illinois and CNA Classes Are open For Enrollment 




Did you know that 70%-80% of Cardiac Arrest Cases Occur at Home or in a Public Setting!  Cardiac Arrest is a Sudden, and sometimes temporary, cessation of function of the heart.  It's an abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have heart disease.


Would you know what to do if this type of Event happened in front of you?


CPR is important because time is of the 
essence when this situation occurs.  Once the heart stops beating and the blood flow is stopped, a person will lose consciousness within 15 seconds of this event happening.  


CPR is a procedure in which you manually through trained action, restart someone's breathing or heart by compressing the persons chest and pushing air into the lungs by mouth to mouth breathing assistance.


Get your CPR Certification with ICI and learn a life saving skill!

Contact Us to Register For Our Next CPR Certification Course at 847-929-6129




ICI is hosting another CE event in which we will go over the details and training updates for the OASis C2 Health Care Update.


OASIS-C2 Started January 1st!

Are you in compliance with the New HH Quality Reporting Program Requirements??

Are your Clinicians performing accurate assessments that demonstrate Quality of Care??

Register For our Continuing Education Course: 
February 22 & 23 , 2017

8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Amron Hall


For Registration Details, please give us a Call at 847-929-6129.

ICI Faculty News




It's our Director of Allied Services Sheila C Ferrer!! Happy birthday Sheila thank you for all your support, loyalty , and dedication to our institution! Wish you nothing but the best on your special day. Sheila is in Charge of our Allied Health Department.  She is the overall head of ICI's Admission Department and is the person to talk to when it comes to CNA Enrollment and Admissions for our CNA Training School in Chicago Illinois.



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