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Certified Nursing Assistant CNA Program Outline

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Required Book for Course: 

Evolve Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-3230-66211


Workbook & Competency Evaluation Review for Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants, 4th Addition

ISBN: 978-0-3230-68741

Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program BNA (CNA)


ICI offers those looking to further their career in the health care industry with the Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program.  ICI's CNA program is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health


After successful completion of ICI's CNA Program, the CNA graduate is eligible to sit for the Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Written Examination. 



4 to 8 Week Programs

120 Clock Hours



Concepts Includes but are not limited to:

  • Communication Information

  • Perform Basic Nursing Skills

  • Perform Personal Care Skills

  • Perform Basic restorative Skills

  • Provide Mental Health & Social Services

  • Demonstrate & Exibit Behavior that Maintains rights of Client

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(Also Known as Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program BNA)


ICI's CNA training program in Chicago, Illinois provides a 120 clock hour course, consisting of 80 hours of theory and 40 hours of clinical as required by the State of Illinois for certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  The CNA classes prepare students to understand and master their roles and responsibilities as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), in both the clinical facility and residential home setting.


Our CNA classes in Illinois, provide the students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide basic nursing care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes\ other health care facilities.  Our CNA school is located near Chicago in the Suburb of Lincolnwood, Illinois.  The Certified Nursing Assistant CNA certification course provides lecture/discussion, supervised laboratory sessions, and actual clinical experience.


The Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program is a 4 to 10-week program that prepares students into their roles and responsibilities as nursing assistants in long term care facilities and other health care settings. Through lecture/discussion, supervised laboratory and actual clinical experience, students are provided with the knowledge and skills needed to provide basic nursing care for patients in various health care facilities.


Students are eligible to take the Illinois Nurse Aide Written Competency Exam after successful completion of the program. The BNATP is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).


This course follows the BNATP Model Program of IDPH The curriculum is designed to provide the students with knowledge and skills necessary to perform entry-level tasks of an IL Certified Nursing Assistant in the following clusters: communicating information, performing basic nursing skills, performing personal care skills, providing basic restorative skills, mental health, social services, and residents’ rights.

List of Some Topics within CNA Course


Patient/Resident Rights

The Role & Responsibilites of the Health Care Team

Legal Issues for Nursing Staff pertaining to the CNA

Medical Terminology

Infection Control

Medical Unit Environment -Safety & Proper Body Mechanics

Emergencies: CPR Certification

Communication SKills

Documentation Skills

Patient Care: Vital Signs, bathing, dressing, moving patients, feeding, oral care, grooming skills, patient room upkeep

CNA Admission Requirements

CNA Program Information

Helpful Links for CNA Books

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