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Thank you for choosing ICI!  We are always looking to improve our services, and provide our students with the best health care education available.  Please see information below regarding ways you can help us improve or express your thoughts on the method of delivery.


Any student of International Career Institute who believes he/she has been offended by a violation shall have the right to file a written complaint within thirty days (30) of the alleged violation.  The following process shall be followed:

1.         Submit the written grievance/appeal to the Administrator.

2.         The Administrator shall acknowledge the grievance/appeal within a reasonable time after the receipt of the complaint. 

3.         The Administrator shall notify and submit a copy of the grievance/appeal to the President and/or any significant administrative personnel.

4.         The Administrator shall issue a written finding as to whether there is a need to proceed to the grievance/appeal process or if a resolution of the concern has occurred. 

5.         A meeting will be scheduled with the grievant and ICI Administration or other significant administrative personnel.

6.         The outcome of the meeting/hearing will be forwarded in writing to the grievant within a reasonable time at which time the action plan or resolution will be implemented.

7.         International Career Institute will maintain a written record of all student grievance/appeal/complaints as well as the resolution to the issues.


Complaints against the school should be addressed to the Administrator unless the student remains unsatisfied after the student has exhausted the internal complaint/grievance process, then all complaints against the school may be registered with the Illinois Board of Higher Education and/or Illinois Department of Public Health by sending a letter or calling either of the following offices:


Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)

Division of Private Business Vocational Schools

1 North Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333

Springfield, IL 62701





IL Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Education and Training Unit

535 West Jefferson Street, 4th Floor

Springfield, IL 62761

Ph: 217-785-5569




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