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Patient Care Technician

Phlebotomist Duties and Responsibilities 

Here is a list of some responsibilities that a Phlebotomist may perform in their work setting.

  • Verify Test Requisitions

    • Compare information with nursing station log.

    • Bring any discrepancies to the attention of department.

  • Patient Verification

    • Identifying patient identification pathways.

  • Obtains blood specimens

    • Perform venipunctures and finger-sticks.

  • Maintain specimen integrity

    • Utilize aseptic technique.

    • Follow department procedures.

    • Observe isolation procedures.

  • Collect therapeutic drug-monitoring assays

    • Collaborate with nursing personnel to ensure appropriate drug dose to collection time.

  • Track collected specimens

    • Initial, date, and note times of collection.

    • Maintain daily tallies of collections performed.

  • Monitors glucose levels

    • Perform bedside glucose tests.

    • Record results.

    • Report results to unit nurse-manager.

  • Performs bleeding-times tests

    • Enter results to the computer.

    • Notifying pathologist of results falling outside normal ranges.

  • Maintain quality results

    • Follow department procedures and testing schedule.

    • Record results in the quality-control log.

    • Identify and report needed changes.







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