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July News 2017

Welcome to ICI's CNA News Blog!

Here you will find News about Jobs, CNA Schedules Admission Dates, and Upcoming Events related to our health care training programs.



Summer CNA Program Classes Start Soon!

ICI Basic Nursing Assistant Program Certified Nursing Assistant Program

ICI's Certified Nursing Assistant Schedules have been posted!

We just started its new Batch for the weekend morning class B26.

Our next weekday CNA classes, located at our school near Chicago Illinois, start on July 31, 2017!

CLICK HERE for ICI's latest Schedules for our Certified Nursing Assistant Program and CPR Certification Course near Chicago, Illinois!


Starts 09-09-2017


Starts 07-31-2017


Starts 09-11-2017

UPDATE: 07-27-17

Limited Seats left for 4 week July 31, 2017 Cohort.



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Warren Barr Gold Coast | Chicago, Illinois

Warren Barr Gold Coast is looking to hire passionate individuals looking to provide care as a Certified Nursing Assistant at their location in Chicago's prestigious Gold Coast! If you or someone you know is interested in working at this modern and newly reconstructed long term care facility, please email us at for more information.American Home Care Lincolnwood, Illinois

Grove of Northbrook, CNA classes Chicago, ICI cna schools in Chicago

The Grove of Northbrook | Northbrook, Illinois

Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant Living in the North Shore Area?

Are you looking to work with a reputable organization that is hiring in the area?


The Grove of Northbrook is looking to hire passionate individuals looking to serve their patients in their health care setting. Located conveniently along the Highway, the Grove of Northbrook has open positions available for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA).

For more information on positions available, please give Ariel a call at 847-564-0505 or email him at

Oaktn Pavillion Des Plaines, ICI Cna classes Chicago Illinois, cna schools chicago Illinois

Oakton Pavillion | Des Plaines, Illinois

Oakton Pavillion in Des Plaines is looking to hire passionate individuals looking to excel in the health care field as Certified Nursing Assistants! With a great incentive to join, Oakton Pavillion is offering to pay for your school! With competitive tuition reimbursement schedules, give ICI a call to get more infomormation on how you can become a CNA in the state of Illinois!

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American Home Care | Lincolnwood, Illinois

American Home Care in Lincolnwood is looking to hire Spanish Speaking LPN's that have a passion for helping patient's in their homes. With competitive pay, call American Home Care at 847-763-9420 and ask for Toni in HR! Visit their website at for more information!


ComForCare | Chicago, Illinois

ComforCare Chicago Branch is a private company that offers competitive rates for qualified CNA's looking to utilize their skills in the private care field. If you are a passionate and hard working individual looking to provide Basic Nursing Care to special clients, please give Comfor Care Chicago a call at 773-313-3894 Or Visit Their Website




cna schools chicago, cna 4 week classes chicago illinois, cna classes in Illinois

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, there are a variety of places to practice your skill. The most common places where CNA's work are skilled nursing facilities, private care aid agencies in home health care, assisted living facilities, and local area hospitals.

Why Work at a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Yes, why should you work at a skilled nursing facility as a CNA? First, skilled nursing facilities, or SNF's, provide job security. SNF's offer full-time employment, which may come with company benefits. It is a great environment to learn and develop your skills as a CNA.

Why Work at a Home Health Aid Agency?

Home Health Aid Agencies are very popular among Certified Nursing Assistants in Illinois. In terms of pay range, it is roughly the same as working at a SNF, but the patient to nurse ration is much better.

Why Work at a Hospital?

Working at a hospital as a CNA are very competitive. This type of platform provides the best experience in terms of pay, benefits, and hours. You will work alongside some of the best medical professionals around which include nurses, doctors, and other health care providers.



Chicago CNA Certification, CNA Certification in Chicago, CNA schools in chicago, CNA 4 week classes in Chicago

Today July 28th, 2017 marks the last day for our July CNA Batch. Congratulations on completing the course, and we wish you nothing but success and happiness in all your future endeavors. Also in attendance were Glen Home Health and Management, Warren Barr Gold Coast, Icla De Silva Foundation, and Generations at Oakton PAvillion.

The Icla Da Silva Foundation

Is a foundation that provides life saving services to those in need. Their mission is to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors, and providing support services to children and adults with leukemia and other diseases treatable by marrow transplants. Thank you to Terri Haid for giving our students some insight as to how their company works, and the lives that they have saved. Check out their website here: THE ICLA DA SILVA FOUNDATION

Warren Barr Gold Coast

Thank you to David for giving our students more insight into how one of the top Skilled Nursing Facilities in Chicago operates. David is the director of recruitment for Warren Barr Gold Coast. For more information on hot to apply to their Gold Coast Facility, Give ICI a Call at 847-929-6129. Visit their Website Here: Warren Barr Gold Coast


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