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CNA Certification for Physician Assistant Prerequisite 2024

Welcome to ICI's blog post! Here we'll discuss why having a CNA certification benefits pre-PA students for their process in applying to programs!

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Physician Assistant Chicago

See how ICI can benefit you as you start on the path towards becoming a Physician Assistant! We have CNA programs that can get you the certification to help gain hours towards these requirements!

Physician Assistant (PA) programs typically have prerequisites that include direct patient care experience hours as a requirement for admission. These direct patient care hours are crucial because they help ensure that applicants have a solid understanding of healthcare settings and the responsibilities of a PA. The specific requirements can vary between different PA programs, but here's a general overview of what you might expect:

1. Minimum Hours: PA programs often have a minimum requirement for direct patient care hours. This requirement can vary significantly, but it's not uncommon to see programs that require at least 500 to 2,000 hours. It's essential to check the specific program's requirements because they can differ substantially.

2. Types of Experience: Programs typically accept various types of direct patient care experiences, such as working as a medical assistant, nursing assistant (CNA), paramedic, EMT, phlebotomist, physical therapy aide, or similar roles in healthcare settings. Some programs may have preferences for certain types of experience, so it's a good idea to inquire about this when researching programs. You can give ICI a call or text to get you started in Chicago!

3. Paid vs. Volunteer: Most programs accept both paid and volunteer direct patient care hours. However, some programs may give preference to paid experience, while others may prioritize the diversity of your experiences. Ensure you understand the program's stance on this matter.

4. Documentation: You will likely need to provide proof of your direct patient care hours when applying to PA programs. This typically involves submitting official transcripts, certificates, or letters of recommendation from supervisors or employers who can verify your experience.

5. Quality of Experience: Some programs may consider the quality and depth of your direct patient care experiences. For example, they may value experiences in emergency medicine or primary care settings more highly than others. Highlighting your responsibilities and what you learned during your experiences can be beneficial.

6. Shadowing Hours: While shadowing healthcare professionals is valuable for gaining insight into the role of a PA, it's usually not counted as direct patient care hours. Programs typically require separate shadowing hours in addition to direct patient care hours.

7. Timeframe: Many programs have a timeframe within which your direct patient care hours must have been completed. For example, they may require that your hours be obtained within the last 3-5 years before applying to the program.

It's essential to research the specific prerequisites for the PA programs you plan to apply to, as the requirements can vary significantly from one institution to another. Additionally, gaining more direct patient care experience than the minimum required can make your application more competitive. It's advisable to contact the admissions offices of the programs you're interested in for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their prerequisites and requirements.

ICI has CNA schedules that fit your schedule!! Start online anytime.

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