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January 2018 News

ICI NEWS | 2018

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2018 in Chicago, Illinois and ICI is happy to celebrate another year in providing health care training to our Chicago Residents!

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Winter CNA Program Classes Start Soon for the 2018 Year Schedule!

The Certified Nursing Assistant CNA Schedule is now available for enrollment.

Choose from Various CNA schedules! We have 4 week CNA classes, 6 week CNA classes, and 10 Week CNA classes that can fit your times.

Here is the latest CNA class schedule in Chicago for 2017/18:


- Starts: 01/27/2018


- Starts: 01/22/2018


CNA Certification and it's Benefits

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Having a CNA Certification can have multiple benefits. The training that you receive puts you in the forefront of understanding the needs and situations that patients may need when it comes to health care. Certified Nursing Assistants have the ability to work in an industry that will always be in demand. The demand for CNA's in Chicago, Illinois is high, and there are many employers looking to hire individuals to work in their facilities.

Health Care Training and Exposure in Health Care Settings

Getting your CNA certification exposes you to the health care industry and the different types of departments, and professionals that take part in its delivery. If you are looking to get your CNA license, this is a great opportunity to experience what its like to work in a health care setting before applying to a big university. Working as a CNA will give you the practical training, interaction, and education that will give you a foundation in health care practice.

Where Can CNA's Work in Chicago, Illinois

Certified Nursing Assistants can work in a variety of settings in the health care field. In Chicago, CNA's can work at residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, and private care facilities for the elderly and disabled community. Other places where Certified Nursing Assistants can work is in hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices.

Why People Go To Nursing Homes

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Many of us us live independent lives, and the need for help does not cross our minds when it comes to basic living necessities. When a person is no longer able to live independently, decisions must be made about their ideal living situation in terms of arrangement for care.

Each persons care may change for a number of reasons. Something could happen where they had a stroke and can no longer be left home alone. Maybe they have become more prone to falling down, and the risk for breaking their bones is an issue. Due to disease and illness, many people often begin to forget about simple things that can eventually affect their health when by themselves, or if there is no one monitoring them.

These are but a few of the issues on why people take the time to look for a nursing home or assisted living facility. They need a more protective setting that will monitor and provide the care needed on a consistent basis. Many individuals who go to school to become a certified nursing assistant often work in these types of environments.

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